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I’ve been watching bloggy friends from all over the wide internet participate in a weekly virtual fashion show for quite some time now.  But being the lounge pants kind of girl I am, I didn’t have anything to add.  Until now, that is.

Here’s the gist: bloggers take a self-portrait (while wearing a cute outfit) and post it.  Not only does it inspire would-be sweatpants wearers to get dressed already! but so, too, does it serve as a springboard of outfit ideas for the fashion challenged among us.

Last week, I had occasion to make myself presentable three separate times (which may very well be a record ’round these parts), so I decided to participate in the fashion photog fun.  Yay me!  I loved getting my cute on and found that I walked with an extra skip in my step on the days when I ditched my stretchy pants in favor of something worthy to be worn in public.

lunch and errands with my man on Friday

shirt – Old Navy

cardi & infinity scarf – Target

jeans – Lucky Brand

boots – DSW (Coconuts brand)

neighborhood halloween festival

shirt & sweatshirt – Forever 21

capris – Lucky Brand

bracelet – Disney World

shoes – zoinked from Torri


shirt – H&M

jeans – Loft

bracelet – Kohl’s

shoes – DSW (b.o.c. brand)

I’m linking up with What I Wore Wednesday; Real Momma, Real Style; and Monday Mingle


  1. I love your boots! I thought I loved the ones I have (which I do) but man, yours are great. I am inspired by the WIWW posts, but I never take pics of what I wear. No tripod, no photographer, bad lights, so on. I need to get over myself.

  2. I just started doing this as well, it’s fun but I hardly have time to get a decent photo in the morning before running out of the house. The iPhone and instagram is my friend! Hopefully this weekend I’ll try to get some shots with a real camera, your photos are excellent.

    Your hair looks great in that second photo and I’m so jealous that you’re still able to wear summer shoes, those one are really cute.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. You are such a cutie! I’ll bet your husband things so too. ;)

    I especially love those sandals that you “borrowed” from your daughter!

  4. Love the boots! I’m with you…yoga pants most days. I’d wear my jammies all day, in fact, if I could get away with it. ;)

  5. I think I will do this link up! I like to photograph my cute outfits anyway and I need some blogging inspiration…once again I am questioning this whole thing and haven’t blogged in forever.

    1. You totally should start linking up. I’ve not seen many of your outfits, but the ones I have seen are definitely post worthy!

  6. Your outfits are so cute! I recently joining in on WIWW too! I know how you feel about changing out of sweat pants in to cute outfits, kinda has a positive effect on your whole day :) Hope to see future outfits!

  7. Love the blue Cardi =) … and I’m loving your darker hair! Miss you!

  8. SO awesome that you were inspired to link up! I love it! You look great and all it really takes is some accessories like your beautiful scarf. Thanks for joining us in Monday Mingle!

  9. Look at you! Beautiful! The 1st outfit is my favorite – especially that turquoise cardigan and the boots!

    I kind-of get the feeling that you like Lucky jeans. ;)

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