Having taken my fair share of vacations at Disney Parks (not to mention having served on The Disney Parks Moms Panel, I feel especially capable of offering sage advice on what to wear to each of the Disney parks. Today, I’m sharing some fashion inspiration for one of my all-time favorite vacation destinations. But rather than just give you a couple of vague ideas, I’m offering up outfit suggestions for each of the four major theme parks and sharing the reasoning behind these suggestions. 

This post was originally published on February 17, 2015 and was recently updated  for 2020. This post contains affiliate links. 


The looks I’m sharing today are uniquely suited to each park but they all have one non-negotiable in common: they are both cute and comfortable. Given the miles you’ll likely be walking during your Disney dream vacation, it is especially important to build your outfit around the most essential part: comfortable shoes. The footwear you toss in your suitcase for this trip has to be comfortable first, and stylish second. 

 What Shoes to Wear to Disney?

Comfort is absolute top priority because every Disney trip includes walking a lot of miles. These athleisure shoes represent my picks for comfort and style.


If you’ll be vacationing when it’s hot, these sandals are great picks for footwear that looks cute and keeps your feet well-supported.

I wore these Sperry Boat Shoes during a Disney trip over the summer. They were super comfy all day.

cute and comfortable sandals for Disney

 What is the Best Bag for Disney?

Now that you’ve got some shoe inspiration, we need to address your bag situation. Let’s face it; every Disneygoer needs a bag that can handle the must-haves. Those might differ slightly from person to person but for me, my necessities include: rain poncho, chapstick, sunscreen, ID and maybe a bottle of water. Many years ago (probably at least ten years by now) I invested in a high-quality Baggalini bag and to this day, it’s my go-to bag for Disney trips. I love that they make all different styles of bags to suit most any taste. But when it comes to what is the best bag for Disney, my top choices fall into three categories: crossbody, belt bag or backpack. Here are some favorites.

With both our footwear and carryall bag out of the way, let’s move on to outfit ideas, shall we? 

What Should You Wear to Disney World When It’s Hot?

Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Be sure to buckle up because we’re about to begin this tour of what to wear to each Disney park. We’re kicking our tour off at the place where the magic happens: Magic Kingdom. Everyone should feel free to be playful at the Magic Kingdom, right? This outfit fits that bill perfectly and it’s comfortable, too! The denim shorts are perfect for balmy Florida weather while the top is both whimsical and fashionable. Accessories should be fun, too, for any Magic Kingdom day. Another super important aspect of any smart theme park outfit is the bag. I have another post about the very best bags for Disney that you should check out. The bag I chose for this particular outfit is lightweight and features plenty of pockets for storing theme park necessities like chapstick and a phone. As I mentioned, the most important part of this outfit–of any theme park outfit, really–is the footwear. These athletic shoes easily allow for miles of walking without causing aching arches or burdensome blisters.

minnie mouse vintage ringer tee shirt with comfortable slip on sneakers




As you’ll recall, I did mention that I’m sharing ideas for what to wear to each of the Disney Parks. Now that we’ve had our fun at Magic Kingdom, what do you guys say about catching the monorail and heading over to Epcot? You in? Good. Let’s go. Of all the parks, Epcot is the one that I feel justified in dressing up a bit for. My time at Epcot is typically spent in the World Showcase, strolling along the promenade and stopping in at each of the pavilions as I go. The World Showcase features mostly opportunities to dine and be entertained by live performers and films–not to mention more than one opportunity to indulge in an adult beverage or three. That is the touring plan I had in mind when I put this outfit together. Like our Magic Kingdom outfit, I opted for shorts so that we’d be comfortable in Orlando’s heat and humidity. The top I selected is casual, but elevated casual, don’t you think? You’ll also notice that–once again–I opted for comfortable sandals and a small, convenient bag to keep my necessities close at hand. Next stop? Disney’s Hollywood Studios.




I don’t know about your family, buy mine tends to watch a lot of shows when we visit Hollywood Studios. And so, when it comes to choosing what to wear to each of the Disney parks, I had some extra considerations to keep in mind when planning for Hollywood Studios. Whether it’s Fantasmic! or Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, we spend a fair amount of time sitting on those metal bleacher seats while we’re at the park. With that in mind, I usually opt for a bit more coverage on my legs when we visit the studios. I find that Capri jeans, cropped leggings or poplin pants are great options because they keep my legs from getting those uncomfortable indentions from all that time sitting on the metal bleachers. For this example outfit, I paired some cropped leggings with a cute, longer tee and–once again–comfortable shoes. I’d love to stick around to see if I can up my Toy Story Mania score, but we’ve got one more park to hit. Let’s park hop over to Animal Kingdom, shall we?





Our tour of what to wear to each of the Disney parks would not be complete without a stop at — you guessed it — Animal Kingdom. I paired these fun shorts with an animal print top, because Animal Kingdom. We’re going hands-free at Animal Kingdom with a crossbody bag. Oh, and these shoes. You guys. These shoes are the bomb. They are my absolute favorite when it comes to comfort but what I love about them is that they’re as cute as they are comfortable. Coordinating accessories round out the look. 

cute cropped pants with white cold shoulder tee and coordinating accessories





What Should You Wear to Disney World When It’s Cold?

We visited Disney during the Christmas season and it was a great time to go. The parks are so fun when they’re all decked out for the season. Dressing for cooler Orlando weather can be a bit more difficult because you want to be warm but also have the ability to stay comfortable should the temperatures rise in the afternoon. My outfit selections worked really well for the weather when we visited.

These faux leather Spanx leggings are a bit of an investment, but they’re worth every penny. They’re super slimming and the shimmer adds a bit of style to an otherwise plain Jane outfit.

Girl wearing spanx faux leather leggings for Disney World


The camo pants I’m wearing in the photo below are another favorite. I’m a huge fan of American Eagle jeans. They’re the softest and most comfortable pants ever. And they have so many styles that it’s easy to find something to suit any taste. I styled them with a long sleeve black shirt and a lightweight quilted vest for layering comfort.

Can we talk raingear for a second? Orlando is a wet place. But it’s also a fairly warm place. The very best raincoat for that type of weather is this awesome one I’m wearing below. It’s lightweight and breathable but it breaks the wind and repels water like nobody’s business. I also love that it’s not boxy and the collar is super cute.

These jeans are ridiculously comfortable. And cute, too. Worn with a lightweight, long-sleeve top and wedge sneakers, they make a great outfit.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour through the parks. Hopefully you’ll find that your next visit to the magical world of Disney can be both cute and comfortable!


  1. Not that I’m into fashion in the slightest, but thank you for including shirts with actual inseams. Our last visit showed me WAY too much of everyone else’s butt cheeks.

  2. Will you take me shopping.. I love all the choices you made.. Several of my favorite colors as well. Thank goodness you did not have any plastic shoes or crocks in the choices.. Seen too much at all the Disney parks. Plus I agree, who needs heels at the parks? I know some people feel they can’t be without heals, but let lose and let your feet down…

  3. super cute outfits! I also love that you included the minnie headband at the end. Your blog is fun.

  4. I love all the outfits, especially the Magic Kingdom shoes. They look stylish yet comfy. I also appreciate that you went with looks that are something other than what you’d wear to the gym.

  5. I love the outfit ideas too! I would love to find out the names of the shoes you mention for each park outfit. It’s tough finding something that looks fashionable but won’t kill your feet! Thanks again for posting these awesome outfit ideas. I can’t wait to go shopping now that I am inspired!

  6. Where do you buy these pieces. Planning a disney trip in December and live in Michigan so no more summer items in stores.

  7. I, too, would love to know the names of the items shown – especially the shoes. Thanks!

  8. These are adorable!!!! Heading to Disney in less than two weeks “for the first time in forever” and for the first time with a little one. These look comfy but still cute.

  9. I agree with the above. I’d love to know the brands (and style names) for the items above. I absolutely love the red polka dot shirt!

  10. I found your blog through this pin. Love the outfits, especially the footwear, Please tell us where we can purchase the items. Your blog is great and it is refreshing to read such skilled writing.

  11. The outfits all look super cute and comfortable, but the shoes look like I’d be in a wheel chair by the end of the day! I wear Birkenstocks year round, all day long at home. I can’t even wear them one whole day at the park without limping and causing some serious walking issues. These shoes have no arch support and zero cushion, can you really wear them all day long while walking miles and miles (we clocked in over 20,000 3 of the 6 days and between 12,000-15,000 the other 3) without causing pain?

  12. You have one of the best blogs I’ve read. You have a gift! Thanks, it was very enjoyable.

  13. The outfits were beautiful. Love the way they are put together for each park.

  14. don’t wear flip flops to the parks, it’s very crowded and people will step on your feet, not to mention you can lose them easily on rides

  15. I love all the outfits and you gave me some great ideas to build from!! Thanks!

  16. I love your outfit for the Animal Kingdom. It does seem warmer there. I would not wear denim shorts to Magic Kingdom if you are planning on riding Splash Mountain. They take forever to dry!!!

  17. Ok, this is officially my favorite post of its kind. I love literally every single item on here! I could definitely see myself wearing any (or all) of these outfits to WDW.

  18. None of these shoes will be comfortable after hours walking around for me, it has to be something with support and a trainer or similar that’s made for comfort. Sandals always kill my feet. I do like the outfits and think shorts are definitely the best choice as well as a little bag :)

  19. Oh my goodness, these outfits are AMAZING!!! So stylish yet look so practical and comfortable for a big day of walking around the parks. Thanks for sharing, I’m definitely pinning these for our next Disney trip!

    1. Thanks, Rhiannon. I always see people wearing the most impractical things to Disney. I mean, I get wanting to be stylish but comfort is king in my book. I appreciate the comment!

  20. I love all these outfit suggestions, especially the shoes! My husband and I are going in April and I can’t fathom wearing sandals all over (hello, blisters!) but I also didn’t want to wear my old gym shoes. I love both pairs of sneakers you linked, and will probably end up with one of them (or both!)

    1. Thanks, Jenna Jo! I hope one of them works out for you! One side note worth considering, if you opt for a pair of Born or b.o.c. or another comfort brand, sandals can really be just as comfy as athletic shoes. Either way, I hope you guys have an awesome trip! Do you have plans to visit the Flower and Garden festival?

  21. Do you have any raincoat suggestions? We have ponchos, but after getting trapped in a rainstorm last time I feel like we need actual raincoats.

    1. Sharon! I endured so many years of poncho wearing at Disney, and, yes, I can see why some people like them. But I’ve just come to a point in my life where I’d rather where an actual raincoat instead of a glorified garbage bag. You too? So, I absolutely adore my raincoat that I wore this last trip (pictured towards the bottom of the post). It’s lightweight enough to use in humid climates but also incredibly effective at keeping me dry and comfortable. I find it to be relatively flattering fit-wise, too. My affiliate link allows you to shop the same coat here: https://rstyle.me/+9-aElGpRqfjlixONo-B44w

  22. We are going in early October, how do I handle the cool mornings and nights with the midday heat and humidity?

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