Wine bottle watering

Take a look at this picture.  Does anything in particular jump out at you?

No?  How about now?

Ah, yes.  Now you see it.  The wine bottles.  Redneck watering at its finest.  Here’s how it came about: a few months ago, we were going away for a short time and we didn’t want to bug the neighbors to water for us.  I remembered having seen those infomercial watering bulbs and I figured an empty wine bottle would work just as well.  And since there is no shortage of those ’round these parts, ahem, I thought we’d give it a try.  They worked like a charm.  So well, in fact, that we now leave them in place day in and day out just to help us keep on top of watering duties during these dry desert days.  The water slowly trickles out as the soil dries up.  Our plants are never thirsty (or drowned).  The only downside, of course, is that anyone who visits our home might see all those bottles and get the wrong idea about us.

Oh, who am I kidding?  They’d see all those bottles and know without a doubt that ours is definitely the house to visit during happy hour.  Cheers?

7 Replies to “Wine bottle watering”

  1. I do the same with plastic water bottles but those wine bottles would hold more & give me an excuse to finish up the wine!!

  2. So you just gave me a way to keep my plants alive and a reason to drink more wine. We truly need to meet some day. Cheers!

  3. Ha! I didn’t even notice this when we were at your house last Saturday. ;)

    We’ve been enjoying Cupcake wines lately. Our last two picks have been the Pinot Noir and the Red Velvet.

  4. Genius. I always fail miserably with plants because I forget to water. This may just inspire me to try yet again. And hey, there’s still a bottle of wine to be polished off from our visit to the Biltmore. Cheers, indeed.

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