Woodland Kids Bedroom

There was a recent upheaval around here that resulted in the teenager and tween-ager parting ways (on the best of terms, of course).  What once was a shared bedroom situation is no more.  Making the switch meant sacrificing the playroom to make room for the tween, and I was a little nervous about that.  As the kids have grown, the playroom became more of a media room; it housed an extra TV as well as the kid computer.  I wasn’t entirely eager to give that space up.  As it turns out, though, the new set-up has worked quite nicely.  We left the computer in what once was the playroom (now Cassie’s room), but hid the ugly screen away behind the closed doors of an armoire.  The printer and CPU are both still visible–which isn’t ideal–but it was the best we could do.  And because she still requires so much supervision, we thought it best to leave the computer in Cassie’s room.  Better there than behind the closed doors of one of the older teens, if you ask me.

There was a dilema, though.  When we talked to Cassie about the decor for her room, she immediately expressed the desire for a Rapunzel bedroom.  Now, you all know that I’m as big a Disneyphile as there ever was, but still, I’m not so much into blatant character merchandise.  So our challenge was to lend a Rapunzel feel to the room without plastering her picture all over the walls, bedding, etc.  I decided to go woodland, with nods to Rapunzel here and there.  I didn’t love it at first, but it’s definitely growing on me.  Here’s what we came up with:

As you can see, we opted to leave most of the walls the original beige and paint just one focal wall.  Green seemed like an obvious choice, and I’m really quite happy with the final look on the wall.  We thought butterflies would add both character and color and boy do they.  These particular butterflies were ordered from an online wholesale retailer.  I think they are meant to be embellishments in floral displays, but they served our purpose here.  We used sticky, gum-like adhesive to attach them to the walls.  They’ve held up beautifully.  The vinyl trees, too, were an online purchase.  I got them from Etsy.

I found this twig mirror at Home Goods.  It’s totally perfect for a woodland room, don’t you think?

I choose this particular bedding mostly because it was on clearance at Target.  The fact that it perfectly matched the color I’d chosen for the wall sold me on it.  I found the pillows at that gigantic bed and bath store.  You know the one.  They remind me of grass–fitting for our woodland theme.

Aren’t they whimsical?  Cassie thinks so.

I choose this natural fiber rug because I think it adds a rustic, grassy feel.  An identical rug at World Market was going to cost me over $80, and that was during their big rug caravan sale.  I found this one at Ross for $30.

The lamp was transplanted from another room in the house.  Jeff pointed out that the gathering on the shade is reminiscent of Rapunzel’s purple gown.  Good eye, babe.  He rocks like that.

The big monarch butterfly also came from Ross.  $5

The purple curtain is a nod to Rapunzel.  Because that’s precisely the color of her gown.  Get it?

Yeah, so.  There you have it.  Our Rapunzel-inspired woodland kids bedroom (light on the Rapunzel).  As soon as I can get some pictures of Kennedy’s new digs I’ll post those, too.


  1. LOVE it! I may have to borrow some of your ideas…my office is going to get a big re-do next year, and I love the trees and butterflies… so nice.

  2. Wonderful! Lots of fun and whimsy. I love it! The thing that jumps out to me? You have the IKEA desk that I have always wanted in our family room to hide the kids computer…and waited to long to buy as they no longer carry it. sadness.

    1. The desk is actually from Walmart, believe it or not. I’m nearly positive they don’t carry it anymore; we got it about eight years ago.

  3. I love it! We are re-decorating my daughter’s room this spring and you have given me ideas. I like the trees on the wall…do they peel off without sticking?

    1. Supposedly, yes. They are vinyl wall decals. I have them in other rooms of my house, too, but I haven’t tried removing them yet.

      1. do you have a link for the decals? I tried looking on etsy but can’t find them

  4. Very nice. You did a great job! It would take me forever to pull something like that off.

  5. I LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to see it in person!! Cassidy is so lucky she has the coolest mom ever…

  6. Beautiful!! I’m showing this to my daughter! We’re doing room makeovers for both kids as they are switching rooms and my son is getting a nice bedroom set. I realize we need to get clever and have some fun with it. Thanks for the inspirations, and may Cassie have sweet dreams. :)

  7. It turned out so well – and I especially like that you opted for a Rapunzel-INSPIRED room rather than a commercial Disney room.

    P.S. $30 for that rug? That’s a steal! How big is it?

  8. Hello!
    This room is simply amazing! I have spent a number of hours online looking for the products to duplicate the walls as closely as I can for my six year olds room. I am not having luck with the bulk butterflies and those trees.
    I know it’s been awhile, but perhaps you could give me the specifics of the wholesaler stores?
    Happy holidays!

  9. wow this is exactly what i want to do for my little girl – i cant find those butterflies though – do u remember which online wholesale retailer you brought them from?
    thank you sian

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