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Next month I’ll go to the mailbox one day and find seven copies of the book I wrote, bound and printed in Italian.  A long time ago, the publisher there suggested a title: Home.  Just four little letters strung together.  He told me that in Italian there is no word for home.  There is a word for house, of course: casa.  But everybody knows that a house is different than home.

Homescene-3Our dog, Mowgli, ran away today, during his morning desert trail run with Jeff.  He bounded off in pursuit of a rabbit (which is normal) but never came back (which has never happened before).

Homescene-1Jeff went hoarse calling his name.  He traipsed through desert brush, afraid that a snake or coyote found Mowgli first.

Homescene-2Mowgli was nowhere.  Gone just like that.  I can’t help but wonder what goes through a little dog’s mind–lost and alone in the desert.  One point three six miles from home–a long way in dog miles.

Homescene-5If I was lost far from home, I’d close my eyes and see snippets of what makes it so.  The boy on wheels in the backyard or front.  A quirky littlest girl make believing movies with her pointer and props.  A blue-eyed beauty with hair like fire in her polka-dotted robe.  The man on the porch for mommydaddy time.

Homescene-4I’d hear music from the wireless speaker while dinner cooks.  A tickle-y giggle.  Distant wind chimes.  The whir of the dishwasher.  Sister or brother’s name called from across the hall.  Life lived loudly.

Homescene1-1Home is not a series of rooms linked by brick and mortar.  Home is a series of moments linked by love.

Homescene-6Home–like a beacon–guides you in.  Grounds you.


Jeff lost all hope this morning and took a knee in the desert in prayer.  It was probably right around the time that I heard Mowgli barking out front.  I opened the door and called him in.  He found us.  He found home.

I’m glad we have a word for it here.

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    1. The fact that you would spend money on a book printed in a language that you can’t read (in spite of having already read the English version) speaks volumes as to why I just love you. Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters. xo

  1. I want it too!! I will google translate until I am numb. But the way you write, it is probably like a beautiful opera. I will get the story without knowing the words:) glad Mowgli is home. Xoxo

  2. I’m with Heather, I’d buy a copy in Italian, too, as a sign of support for you and this amazing accomplishment of years of hard work! Love all the pictures of your sweet family and the moments that mean most to you.

    1. Speaking of things that mean the most to me…I’m so grateful for the support of my dearest friends. If I could, I’d take all (5) of you to a Tuscan vineyard and raise a toast. That’s probably out, though, so I hope my eternal gratitude will suffice ;)

  3. I love “home” more than anything…and isn’t that interesting the word doesn’t exist in Italian! So…we have been dog owners for only 18 months and she has woven herself so deeply into our hearts I can already get so sad thinking about the day when she’s not here with us. I can’t imagine the heartbreak for even that short amount of time worrying about him while he was missing in the desert….. so glad he found his way HOME!!

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